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A pediatrician from our office is always available by phone for emergencies. After hours our answering service will page the physician on call. He or she will help you decide whether the problem needs urgent attention, and if so at what location. There are many problems we can handle at our office, such as lacerations needing stitches and asthma episodes. In some cases we will direct you to an emergency room, but let us help you to decide which one would be most helpful for the problem at hand.

After Hours and Emergencies

Since its founding in 1954, Guilford Pediatrics has been an important part of supporting the health and well being of thousands of children and their families in the Guilford and Connecticut shoreline communities. It has been our privilege to be the part of so many individual's lives from birth through young adulthood

We welcome you to Guilford Pediatrics. To schedule a visit or speak with our staff, please call us at: 203-453-5235

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