Shoreline Concussion Center

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Joining Dr. Nolfo at the Concussion Center is Dr. Ann Hoefer. Dr. Hoefer is a CIC with extensive experience in concussion management. Dr. Nolfo and Dr.Hoefer supervise the concussion program at The Grove School.

Worried about a concussion?....

Concussions are a serious and growing health problem for student athletes. Because of the large number of patients we treat with concussions, we decided to dedicate more staff and space in our building for concussion management.

The Shoreline Concussion Center utilizes ImPACT, a state of the art neurocognitive test to evaluate concussion injury and help to determine when an athlete may return to play. ImPACT or Immediate Post-concussive Assesment and Cognitive Testing, is an elegantly designed tool that assesses the athlete's verbal and visual memory, working memory and reaction time using a computer program. The system was developed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center by Dr's Mark Lovell and Michael Collins. There are several neurocognitive tests currently being used, but ImPACT has proven to be a consistent and reliable tool. ImPACT is used by the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLB Umpires Association,NASCAR,International Olypmic Committee, Major League Soccer, New Zealand and South African Rugby Leagues as well as hundreds of colleges and high schools around the country. The Shoreline Concussion Center performs both baseline and post-injury tests by appointment.

The practice is pleased to take referrals from outside our practice for concussion management.

The director of the Shoreline Concussion Center is Dr. Robert Nolfo. Dr.Nolfo is a board certified pediatrician and a Certified ImPACT Consultant (CIC), which means that he has exceeded the standards set by Dr's Lovell and Collins for interpretation and utilization of ImPACT.

Dr. Nolfo started the first high-school concussion management program in Connecticut using ImPACT in 2003. Now, more than 100 high schools in Connecticut use ImPACT. Dr. Nolfo supervises the concussion program at Hamden Hall and Guilford High School.

Please call The Shoreline Concussion Center at

203-453-5235 to schedule a baseline concussion test.