Guilford Pediatrics

As of January 1,2010, Guilford Pediatrics has adopted a 100% vaccination policy. Our patients will be expected to complete their primary vaccination series by age two, and children older than two will be expected to complete all state-mandated vaccines, or we will not be able to see them in this office. In addition, we are not able to arrange or administer split does of vaccines.

Many parents of this generation may have no personal experience with the potentially devastating childhood diseases that we are now able to prevent, such as polio, meningitis and whooping cough. These diseases, which were nearly wiped out, are now undergoing a resurgence due to parents choosing not to vaccinate. They can cause not just disability, but death. We believe it is unethical to expose unvaccinated newborns and immunologically vulnerable children to these diseases. While we understand that parents may have concerns about vaccines due to media attention, we believe that vaccines are not only safe, but a vital part of your child's health.

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